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Fencing bag-transformer on wheels "4fiencing".

A versatile bag for daily use, going to training camps and competitions.

The main bag complies with Aeroflot's baggage allowance rules and has sufficient volume to travel to the competition.

With the help of a second shuttle bag, you can significantly increase the usable volume for moving with a large amount of equipment.

Thanks to the backpack straps, the shuttle bag can be carried over the shoulders like a regular triangular case. The presence of a special zipper that increases the volume, a fencing mask can easily fit into the shuttle.

Reinforced, repairable wheels as well as durable material for the sides of the bag and the base ensure durability of the entire product and enjoyment of use.

Made in black with brand logo.

Optionally, it is possible to add a first and last name to the bag, the cost of this option is 1000 rubles.

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